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Secret stopover at Louët Island

Secret stopover at Louët Island

It is Brittany's best kept secret: each autumn, on a random date, registrations open for the rental of the lighthouse keeper's house on Louët Island.The building is located on a rocky outcrop at the out of the harbor of Morlaix.Just opposite the Black Island which would have inspired Hergé and the Château de Taureau, a fort built on the sea following a looting by the English in 1522 (followed the next day by a famous massacre of soldiers intoxicated by wine and victory by the French) .The Ile Louët lighthouse was built in 1857.The bay of Morlaix, dotted with rocks and shoals, was particularly perilous.25 shipwrecks in thirty years, a privateer, Charles Cornic, sent a memoir to the Minister of the Navy, who gave permission to build.Cornic named the islet in tribute to one of his friends, named Louët ("gray" in Breton Then, there was a succession of guards until the fire was automated in the 1960s.e, the island remains empty.Its transformation into a gîte dates back to 2008, when electricity was installed.

Every year since, on the day of opening reservations, the Carantec Tourist Office site jumps due to the number of connections.All stays leave in a few hours, which shows how crazy people are about what we call, in tourist language, “experience stays”.And it is indeed one to spend time alone on this pebble.There is obviously light and its effects on the water that change everything the weather The sea sparkles Darkens Sparkles again There is especially this bathroom built in an outbuilding a little in front of the house The floor is bright blue The walls, the sink and the curtain shower are white, if you lift it, but you stay inside the shower on and cold, you can have the impression of having the sea under and against you.

Posted Date: 2021-02-10

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